The SinglePoint Network™

Our SinglePoint Network™ aggregates previously unconnected independent retailers into one network for national brands to deliver value to shoppers they could not otherwise reach, bringing new funding support from these brands and dramatically improving many aspects of their businesses.


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Accelitec connects retailers and suppliers with shoppers, building the world’s largest grocery network. Our simple- to-sophisticated software suite enables retailers to deliver digital communications and promotions that improve sales, shopper relationships and brand funding.

Get the word out!

Reach your customers with the technology they use every day. Now you can use the same techniques the larger chains have proven to work in connecting to their customers on the products, events and promotions that matter the most to each shopper.

Work efficiently.

Easy to start and easy to use. Our platform streamlines transactions for shoppers and staff alike. No item tracking. No PLUs to apply. Nothing to get lost or misread. We’ve made it easy for your store to adapt to the features you want … and at your own pace.

Enhance profitability.

Tailored for independent retailers, our technology improves sales, enhances shopper relations, and increases brand support. We help you identify and create the loyal customers who will carry your store into a smarter, more connected future.


We believe a smarter, more connected future is within reach of us all.

It’s not about technology or tools.  It’s about application: the choices we make to engage others, to create value, to solve old problems with new energy.

In this emerging world, success won’t come from size or strength, but from a  willingness to harness the power of the network in new and unexpected ways. Our mission is to help our clients create this success.

—Tom Bartz, Accelitec founder and CEO



  • Testimonial

    Tom Bartz


    About Tom Bartz

    Tom Bartz led several successful retail innovations in Fortune 50 petroleum companies, including Exxon USA and British Petroleum Corporation. He spent nearly 20 years in the business, and was involved in the design and delivery of many new concepts and programs for gasoline retailing at grocery and high-volume retailers in North America. His other responsibilities included acquisition and conversion of various petroleum company assets, as well as marketing and branding. He held P&L responsibilities of $950 million dollars, and managed 1,400 employees.

    Prior to forming Accelitec, Tom was chief operating officer for FiberCloud, LLC, a multi-site, Class A Internet Services Provider (ISP) based in Bellingham, Wash. In addition to daily operations of the business, he also was responsible for network infrastructure development and implementation, as well as marketing and business development.

  • Testimonial

    Don Zwade


    About Don Zwade

    Don Zwade brings a highly successful track record as a serial entrepreneur to the Company, having nurtured, grown and sold three start-up companies over a 15-year span.  He owned and operated Morrad Foodservice on Maui, between 1995 and 2004.  Don is a graduate of Davenport University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a minor in Business Management and Social Science.

  • Testimonial

    Peter Gruman


    About Peter Gruman

    Joined in 2006. Peter Gruman has over 30 years of law and corporate and business development experience, and has been involved with startups in both low-tech and high-tech fields, as a founder, early hire and/or investor since 1993. He has also developed and managed multiple companies and acted as general counsel for most of these. Peter has created and negotiated technical transaction agreements with a number of the largest software and media companies in the United States.

  • Testimonial

    Tom Ryan

    Software Manager

    About Tom Ryan

    Joined in 2004. Tom Ryan is responsible for Accelitec’s software architecture, including applications, services, middleware and database components. Tom has a deep background in middleware development, including Service Oriented Architecture and Object Oriented Analysis and Design. His ten-year experience at Microsoft included responsibility for the business objects used for credit card authorization, reconciliation and settlement process.


  • Jim Ried, Olean Wholesalers Grocery Cooperative, Inc.

    Accelitec’s ScanDown Service is a great place for retailers to start leveraging their point of sale data. Historically, independent grocery stores and their wholesalers have trouble accessing simple scan based promotions offered from the brands, but with the DAS / ScanDown solution from Accelitec, we can offer an inexpensive way for our retailers to efficiently run scan based promotions that drive sales, give a better price perception to their shoppers and efficiently and accurately reconcile for brands.  This baseline program starts us off in the right direction.

  • Rudy Dory, Owner, Newport Avenue Market

    I think this is one of the best pieces of technology I have put in my store to achieve increased profitability. We’ve tried a lot of technologies, and many have performed just as advertised (and some haven’t), but this one actually delivers to the bottom line.

  • Mike Trask, Owner, Granite Falls IGA

    Our loyalty card is not really a savings card, it’s a way for us to connect with our customers and get to know them better.

  • Dan Murphy, Senior VP of Perishables and Retail Support Services, Unified Grocers

    With the successful deployment of the Accelitec platform, Unified now offers a robust marketing solution—that can provide a significant competitive advantage for our retailers.

  • Terry Spencer, Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing, C&K Markets

    Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience every time they visit one of our stores, we see this program as a way to give customers more of what they want, gaining their feedback and insights quicker so that we can provide service in our stores that no other retailer can touch.


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