Macey’s Grocery Stores to offer relevant digital coupons to its loyal shoppers

Salt Lake City, UT.  August, 2013 – Macey’s grocery stores has partnered with Zavers by Google and Accelitec to provide relevant digital coupons to guests who belong to Macey’s Perks. Shoppers will be able to find and save digital coupons on Macey’s website. The saved digital coupons will be loaded into shoppers’ Macey’s Perks account, and savings will be automatically applied when checking out at any Macey’s grocery store.

Macey’s Perks members will have access to over sixty national brand coupons on a weekly basis. Shoppers can pick and choose which digital coupons they like and load them directly into their Perks account through their Google account. Members will experience the benefit of this new program as they save money, save time by not having to clip and keep track of paper coupons, and have offers they want at their fingertips.

Members of the Macey’s Perks program can take advantage of Macey’s digital coupons with three easy steps.  Members should log into their account at and add their Google account information. Shoppers can then choose the coupons they want and save them to their Macey’s wallet. When the shopper purchases the item at Macey’s, the discount will automatically deduct from the total bill.

“We are excited for our guests to take advantage of our relationship with Zavers by Google and Accelitec” said Jason Sokol, marketing director. “Combining the strength of Zavers and Macey’s Perks will allow our guests to be a part of the best technology in a grocery shopping experience.”

Macey’s guests should expect to see national brand coupons, combined with additional store offers each week on the Macey’s website, Macey’s Perks has provided shoppers with additional ways to save money and receive surprise benefits since the launch in late 2012.

Accelitec has been a vital partner for Macey’s as they have worked with Google to become the essential element bringing Google and RORC, Associated Food Stores’ Point-of-Sale solution, together.

Macey’s belongs to Associated Retail Operations, a group of corporate stores owned by Associated Food Stores, an independent retailer-owned warehouse based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which provides products and services to more than 400 grocers throughout the Intermountain West. The corporate stores operate under five different banners and formats: Macey’s, Fresh Market, Dan’s, Lin’s and Dick’s Markets. Learn more about Associated Retail Operations by visiting their websites:,,,, Associated Food Stores can be found on the internet at

Accelitec Announced as Google Wallet Integration Partner


Google announced Accelitec as a development partner in its significant new Google Wallet initiative. The announcement was made at the annual Google I/O Developer Summit.

More details to follow on our integration to the Google Wallet API and the public launch later this year. However, our team has been working with Google to integrate the new API to WalletBuilder, so we will be able to bring our customers the benefits of WalletBuilder AND the power of Google Wallet.

The combined functionality of WalletBuilder and Google Wallet gives retailers a great opportunity to engage their shopper at new levels of convenience and relevance.

Please contact Steve Byron for more information.



Associated Food Stores Introduces Next Generation of Loyalty and Customer Relationship Software to Its Members through Accelitec, Inc.’s WalletBuilder

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 1, 2012 — Salt Lake City-based Associated Food Stores, Utah’s largest grocery retail chain, has signed with Accelitec, Inc., based in Bellingham, Wash., to kick-off a customer relationship management platform to their independent retailers.

“We are excited to launch the Accelitec Wallet Builder in our Macey’s store with the introduction of the ‘Perks’ program,” said Jason Sokol, AFS director of marketing. “This platform puts us in a leadership position in the industry by using digital marketing to create higher levels of engagement with our shoppers.”

The digital strategy will provide AFS’ retail partners with an enterprise platform for precision marketing and real-time redemption of digital offers, promotions and to establish a one-to-one relationship with its shoppers.

“After the successful launch at Macey’s, many of our other retail brands, including Dick’s, Lin’s, Dan’s and Fresh Market, are scheduled next to aggressively engage with this solution,” said Sokol.

Accelitec’s Wallet Builder provides an innovative customer relationship platform helping retailers move beyond the traditional discount pricing techniques to improve customer retention and store profitability.

“We took the process of identifying the correct partner in the customer relationship management space very seriously, carefully analyzing all candidates in this area,” said David Rice, AFS executive vice president of retail. “Accelitec, Inc. stood heads above the others. They are a small, innovative company with the highest attention to data security, and the integrity, experience and technology capabilities we require.”

“It has been a great experience to work with the team at Associated Food Stores,” said Tom Bartz, Accelitec CEO. “It’s our privilege to bring new marketing tools to the AFS team to enhance their competitiveness in this challenging market. This innovative platform, combined with the Associated Food Stores commitment to retail support, will help their independent retailers stay ahead in the digital marketplace.”

This announcement follows AFS’ September 19th announcement of a strategic partnership with Google that will enable shoppers to easily discover and redeem digital coupons, as well as efficiently checkout with a tap of their phone using Google Wallet.

About Associated Food Stores

Associated Food Stores is an independent retailer-owned warehouse based in Salt Lake City, which provides complete warehouse facilities and services to over 400 grocers throughout the Intermountain West. Associated can be found on the internet at


Macey’s Launches New “Perks” Rewards Program

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 1, 2012 – Salt Lake City-based Associated Food Stores, Utah’s largest grocery retail chain, introduces “Perks,” a new guest relationship program powered by Accelitec software, to their Macey’s stores today.

“The Macey’s Perks rewards program is focused on making grocery shopping less complicated and more enjoyable for our guests,” said Jason Sokol, AFS director of marketing. “We designed this with three priorities: ease, convenience and stress-free shopping for our customers.”

The purpose of Perks is to provide shoppers with additional incentives that are above and beyond current offers. The tool will be used to better reward Macey’s customers.

“We see this program as a way to give customers more of what they want, gaining their feedback and insights quicker so we can provide service in our stores that no other retailer can match,” said Sokol. “With today’s launch of the Macey’s Perks program, our customers can earn points for a free turkey at Thanksgiving and money that can be put into their ‘happy wallet’ to spend, along with other benefits, in the store.”

Macey’s, operating 11 stores in the Utah Market, signed with Accelitec back in early July to integrate into the Retailer Owned Research Corporation point of sale, which is a proprietary point of sale solution owned by a group of independent wholesalers across the country.

“This was a real exciting partnership for us, both with Macey’s and RORC,” Said Tom Bartz, Accelitec CEO. “The folks at Macey’s and RORC are wonderful to work with and the RORC integration helps to solidify our position to help independent retailers fight their much larger competitors with a complete customer relationship platform.”

The Macey’s platform will be part of a larger marketing and advertising push, centered on customer service, community involvement and creating customer value.

About Associated Food Stores

Associated Food Stores is an independent retailer-owned warehouse based in Salt Lake City, which provides complete warehouse facilities and services to over 400 grocers throughout the Intermountain West. Associated can be found on the internet at


New Loyalty Program Starts Today for C&K Market, Inc.

C&K Market, Inc. introduces All Access Rewards customer loyalty program, powered by Accelitec, Inc.
BROOKINGS, OR (May 16, 2012) C&K Market, Inc., operating 62 stores in Oregon and California under the brands, Ray’s Food Place, Shop Smart and C&K Market, has signed with Accelitec, Inc., to launch a Customer Relationship Management platform.

The launch of this new platform is an exciting step forward for the family owned and privately held company. Customer benefits will include, customer interest clubs, load to card coupons, personalized offers and a point system that rewards customers with in-store credits that can be used to purchase anything in the store.

Terry Spencer, Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing for C&K Market, Inc. states “our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience every time they visit one of our stores,” he goes on to say; “we see this program as a way to give customers more of what they want, gaining their feedback and insights quicker so that we can provide service in our stores that no other retailer can touch”.

The platform will be part of a larger marketing and advertising push that the company is embarking on, centered around customer service, community involvement and creating customer value. This is the first customer loyalty card venture for the company since its founding in 1956.

About Accelitec, Inc.

Accelitec, Inc., is a Customer Relationship Management software supplier located in Bellingham, WA. They believe that customer engagement is the new battleground in grocery retail. Accelitec delivers increases in key financial metrics through improved customer engagement. Whether your goal is to understand shopper behavior, drive gains in store visits, use trade dollars more efficiently, or all of the above, the Accelitec proprietary software platform provides the tools to get there.To learn more visit

About C&K Market, Inc.

C&K Market, Inc. is a family owned company based in Brookings, Oregon. The company operates 62 grocery stores and 13 pharmacies under the banners of Ray’s Food Place, Shop Smart, C&K Market and Pharmacy Express. C&K was recently ranked No. 4 by the Portland Business Journal on the 2011 list of Healthiest Employers in Oregon among companies with over 1,500 employees. More information can be found at

Foursquare and AmEx Advance LBS Marketing – What Else is Possible?

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The location based services leader Foursquare has teamed up with American Express to offer Groupon-like discounts to users who check-in at participating retailers, such as $10 for the price of $5. In effect, the hope is that this type of real-life connectivity will draw more interest from retailers looking to increase customer engagement and encourage trips to their locations by leveraging LBS.

Early feedback on the benefits and functionality appears very positive, particularly from consumers. The potential applications for this type of LBS-payment duality are virtually limitless, and could be particularly interesting for grocery retailers looking to drive increases in customer traffic and encourage consumers to explore new areas of their store. Imagine a grocer who offered a similar promotion where shoppers could earn $5 in their personalized digital wallet, to be spent anytime they chose, for checking in at their location and then scanning the barcode of a certain product or group of products. With Accelitec software much of this is possible today, and could be a very powerful way for brands and retailers to cooperate in the launches of new products, while simultaneously rewarding their customers and driving loyalty to the brands and retailers alike.


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New Smartphone Market Leader in the US – Android

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Nielsen reported today that the Google Android operating system is now controlling 29% of the US Market, with Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) sharing second place with 27% apiece. For many analysts, this news comes as no surprise given that unlike the iPhone, the Droid is available on myriad devices and networks, and consumers have been moving away from RIM’s Blackberry for several quarters running.

The piece of news that does qualify as somewhat unexpected is Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 falling to 10% of the US Market. This result comes on the heels of their $400m investment in the launch of their new mobile efforts. Their market share in the previous three quarters stood at 18%, 15%, and 14% respectively, and this figure raises some serious questions about their ability to compete in the smartphone space. The folks in Redmond also recently announced a partnership with Nokia, as well as the launch of Bing mobile, now with the ability to aggregate location-specific deals for users. The question is will these recent efforts from Microsoft deliver any meaningful results in the way of smartphone market traction? Or is this quickly becoming a classic case of throwing good money after bad?


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Kmart Introduces Real-Time Consumer Interaction via Twitter

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Something interesting happened on the way to Fashion Week in New York City; Kmart is now allowing certain participants at this year’s fashion summit to interact and request products from them simply by tweeting. The retailer has equipped a limited number of influencers and bloggers with what they are calling “survival kits”, loaded with an assortment of items to help them get through the week in style. The list includes items such as “lip balm, breath mints and stockings”, and by communicating with the Kmart twitter feed they can get a refill on any of these items almost immediately. This is a novel example of a retailer not only recognizing but leveraging the utility of social media at a major event.

Did other retailers notice what Kmart has done here? This could be a powerful tool for all grocers, small and large, to allow shoppers within their stores to tweet questions, comments, suggestions and ideas directly to the store, enabling real-time give and take between shoppers and retailers. What do you think? If your local grocer or favorite retailer were using a tool like this, would you use it to communicate with them while you shopped?


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eBay Reports 233% Growth in Mobile Sales

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This weeks sign of the times has to be the news that eBay saw their sales via mobile devices rise from $600mm to over $2b in 2010. The apps, which are available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 operating systems, have been downloaded by over 30 million people in more than 190 countries. Interestingly, the UK has been the fastest Eurpoean adopter of eBay’s mobile app, and combined with Germany they “generated nearly one third of all eBay’s mobile sales in 2010“. According to eBay, every minute there are 94 bids made for various products and 13 items of clothing/shoes/accessories are purchased. This really highlights the growing trend for consumers to do their shopping online and should resonate loud and clear with traditional, brick and mortar retailers.

The message being sent by the market is very clear – develop an online/mobile presence so that our shopping experiences are as fast and painless as possible, or we’ll buy from someone else who can. We’re already seeing the response to this trend from macro retailers like Target, Safeway and BestBuy with their expanding presences on Facebook, mobile applications, and location based services like Shopkick and Foursquare. For the mid-size and smaller retailers who are losing the tech-race, the time is now to start implementing solutions like the Accelitec software suite if they hope to close this growing gap and ultimately start winning back a percentage of these sales lost to online retailers.


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Google Rounding Out Mobile Strategy With Stealth Startup

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It was announced this week that Google acquired Zetawire, a Toronto-based mobile payments-focused startup, in August. This is important and revealing news for anyone trying to understand the long-term mobile strategy for the Silicon Valley search engine behemoth. It’s widely known that the latest version of the Google Android mobile OS, known as 2.3 or “Gingerbread”, has been designed to include the functionality of a digital wallet for users to store value; Zetawire is a natural augmentation to the digital wallet because they bring vital pieces like NFC (Near Field Communication) and payments transactions into the fold. There isn’t a great deal of information available on the startup in question, but we do know that they had several very important patents around mobile banking, identity management and credit card/mobile coupon transaction processing - all of which points directly to the idea that Google is attempting to turn smartphones running on their OS into virtual, digital wallets. With Google now officially stepping into the mobile payments and LBS space, retailers need to keep an eye on ways to enhance their business by incentivizing and engaging  customers in/around their stores via Android smartphones.


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