Bellingham, WA, December 30, 2008 – Accelitec, Inc. and InStore Technology, LLC today announced the signing of an agreement to sell Accelitec | interact, Accelitec’s market-leading customer retention and acquisition platform, to grocers in the Pacific Northwest.
Accelitec | interact provides a range of services combining the best features of CRM, payments, and loyalty programs in one program to let retailers create one-to-one marketing initiatives. This solution helps retailers build on their knowledge of their customers to create unique marketing programs tailored specifically to individual customers, while also facilitating a full range of payment options: credit card, , stored value, store credit, and tokens. Customers use one piece of media for all interactions with the retailer, including payments, and can use RFID, mag stripe, or bar code formats.

“Accelitec is on the cutting edge of consumer-facing technology, with proven results in the grocery industry,” said Gary Pollastro, Managing Member of InStore Technology. “There is nothing like this on the market, and Accelitec | interact is going to be a real difference-maker for our customers. We are delighted to be working Accelitec, and are pleased that our customers will be able to benefit from an integrated solution that will help drive additional business for them.”

“We are very pleased to be working with InStore Technology,” said Tom Bartz, CEO of Accelitec. “Their commitment to excellence and track record in the grocery industry is unparalleled, and explains their outstanding reputation. By partnering with InStore Technology, we are confident Accelitec | interact will extend its leadership position with grocers throughout the region.”

About InStore Technology
InStore Technology, LLC is the leader in Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for Independent Grocers in the Pacific Northwest. InStore has over 200 years of combined POS experience serving customers of all sizes, from small single owner independents to the largest multi-store regional chains in the Northwest. InStore sells, supports and services technology that improves grocery store operations, and is consistently one of the top five StoreNext Dealers in the country.

They were the first to receive the coveted “Centurion Award” given to the top dealer in the country.


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