Bellingham, WA, March 2, 2015: Accelitec, Inc., a software solutions company providing cloud-based digital and mobile marketing solutions, has launched BroadCast Offers, a new POS-connected service using in-store beacons to drive more shopper activity.

While the use of beacon programs in retail is growing, most simply trigger an advertisement on shoppers’ mobile device because they are not connected to the store point-of-sale. Most beacon programs don’t allow stores to offer their own campaigns, relying instead on third party apps to deliver their advertisements.

Accelitec’s existing shopper engagement solutions deliver promotions to millions of shoppers that are recognized at the point-of-sale. BroadCast Offers complements this, allowing marketers to deliver campaigns that are actionable at the point of decision and recognized at the POS in real-time – as part of the retailers’ loyalty program.

“BroadCast Offers rests on a foundation of POS-connected services,” said Tom Bartz, Accelitec CEO. “Beacon-triggered messages are a huge opportunity that should deliver more than just mobile advertisements. A POS-connected solution allowing personalized clip-to-card offers in the aisle is powerful enough to drive shopper activation and product movement.”

Accelitec’s service links three key pieces of retail technology: loyalty, beacons, and point-of-sale integration. “Tying campaigns to the POS is where the heavy lifting is,” said Bartz. “Our ability to link in-aisle campaigns seamlessly and securely to the POS is unique and creates the kind of reward to sustain shopper adoption and use rates.”

BroadCast Offers will allow retailers to pass store and brand campaigns directly to shoppers for redemption at the point-of-sale, including CPG, private-label digital coupons and other store promotions used in Accelitec’s WalletBuilder platform. Further, completing the cycle through the POS lets BroadCast Offers deliver key performance reporting and promotion measurement.

“Beacon-triggered advertising apps can’t reward shoppers in the store, so the risk is that they’ll annoy shoppers, be ineffective in lifting sales – or both – so opt-out rates will be high,” says Bartz. The sustainable play with beacons in retail is to deliver campaigns to the shopper and to the POS with the goal of moving product.”

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