In a not-so-surprising report from comScore, it was revealed that the Google Android OS now enjoys a 7.6% lead in market share over its nearest competitor, Research in Motion. In 3rd place is Apple, which achieved a .5% boost from Q4 2010 and now commands 25.5% of the market. More disappointing news for Microsoft and their Windows Phone 7 efforts as they lost nearly another full percentage point of the market and now stand at 7.5%. It stands to reason that their recent acquisition of Skype, valued at $8.5b, will likely play a role in Redmond’s attempts to somehow keep this sinking ship afloat. Many Skype users are already voicing fears that with the buyout, Skype will no longer be fully supported on competing devices, as was the case with Internet Explorer when Microsoft discontinued new software releases for the Mac in 2003 and ceased all support of the platform in early 2006. It seems very unlikely that a similar strategy will prevail with Skype, largely due to the increasing popularity of Google Voice, and everything seems to be pointing toward more sustained growth for the Droid and iPhone in the near future. Developers/retailers/consumers stay tuned!


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