Bellingham, WA, February 26, 2015: Accelitec, Inc., a cloud-based digital software development company increasing sales and brand funding for retailers and wholesalers, and Media Solutions Corporation (MSC), a digital solutions company providing independent retailers with digital marketing services, have announced their partnership to bring the next generation of digital marketing solutions to independent grocers. Accelitec and Media Solutions currently deliver services to a combined reach of nearly 1,400 independent grocer locations.

“Our services are complementary with Media Solutions, and a strategic, combined selling approach will help our customers with integrated solutions and drive benefits to the bottom line,” said Tom Bartz, Accelitec’s CEO. “We have a shared vision for where we can make a difference for independent grocers, and our work with Media Solutions will let retailers deliver more rewarding, more engaging, and more relevant experiences to their shoppers.”

“We’re excited about this strategic partnership with Accelitec because our business model in digital marketing allows us to fully integrate with Accelitec’s program offerings,” said Jim Lukens, President of MSC. “MSC is well positioned in the market to communicate and promote Accelitec’s offerings in participating stores websites, in our newly released “SmartWhisk” store app, in “Social Octane,” our social media posting service, our in-store digital signage programs and SMS text message promotions,” he said.

Accelitec’s software delivers a range of shopper marketing, promotion, scan down, digital coupon and reporting tools, and helps position wholesalers and retailers in a new light with their CPG and private label suppliers with the goal of helping independents compete on an even footing with the national chains. Accelitec has been delivering its WalletBuilder loyalty program to independent grocers since 2007.

“Every MSC customer now has a store-branded app, “SmartWhisk Grocery Companion” for their store and we can incorporate Accelitec’s digital offerings on these store apps,” said Lukens.

The partnership is focused on capitalizing on the experience each company has in delivering emerging technology to independent grocers to generate new opportunities for growth. The narrow focus shared by Accelitec and Media Solutions of working closely with independent grocers makes them uniquely well-positioned to deliver on the promise of digital marketing solutions.

Accelitec and Media Solutions will begin offering these combined solutions to independent grocers, immediately.

Accelitec, Inc. contact:
Peter Gruman 360-389-5103

About Accelitec, Inc.
Accelitec connects retailers and suppliers with shoppers, building the largest independent grocery network. Our simple-to-sophisticated software suite that enables retailers to deliver digital communications and promotions that improve sales, enhance shopper relationships, and increase brand funding.

About Media Solutions Corp.
Media Solutions’ innovative digital products provide relevant digital communication options economically, allowing independent retailers to connect with shoppers in the most relevant places.

Whether a retailer needs a basic or advanced website, website and email analytics, a mobile solution, or in-store digital signage, MSC has a digital solution for every company, and companies can add or remove elements within Media Solutions’ programs according to their business need. The company recently launched their “SmartWhisk Grocery Companion” store app with beacon, near field communications and push notification promotional marketing tools.


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