Dunkin Donuts has run marketing campaigns on Facebook in the past by asking their “fans” to design the perfect donut […]
Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Walmart have all officially entered the arena of Social Networks in an attempt to […]
Two pieces of news the other day caught our eye. First, Kroger reported strong quarterly earnings by “focusing on service to […]
The latest iPad-inspired trend? A number of restaurants, including Bone’s in Atlanta have now started to publish their wine lists […]
With the economy continuing to cast a cloud on consumers, the number of shoppers basing store and brand selection decisions […]
Apple recently released their first attempt at a social media application, Ping, and so far the results have not been […]
Meijer has now joined the ranks of Android Application developers with its release of “Find It”. Functionality includes a map […]
The unprecedented success of Facebook in the social media space has seen plenty of would-be competitors fall by the wayside, […]
Starbucks has tried a variety of media plays in the past (magazines, music) as brand extensions, with varying success.  This […]
As social media continues to establish itself as the predominant information source for consumers, brands and retailers are finding themselves […]