Best Buy announced today that it plans to implement Shopkick technology in about one quarter of its total stores by October 1, 2010. Shopkick, Inc. is a location-based software development company that allows retailers to reward customers with discounts, points and special offers for entering their stores, and also for walking to different departments within the store. This is a major development for Best Buy who have seen their stock price fall by 16% this year and are looking for a way to begin building greater traction among shoppers on tight budgets.

The first release of Best Buy’s Shopkick app will be available only to iPhones, with a Droid version due out later, in 257 of its total 1,010 locations. Clearly the success of this program will depend on customers’ willingness to participate in the “scavenger hunt” that Best Buy and Shopkick have devised, so the depth and breadth of the rewards and special offers should ultimately determine the outcome. Overall, very exciting new technology from Shopkick with virtually limitless potential for driving customer behavior and interaction!


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