BroadCast Offers

Have you ever wanted to use technology to draw more shoppers to your store, get them to walk more aisles, and drive more revenue?

Now you can.

BroadCast Offers is a simple, fast way to connect shoppers with your promotions where it matters most — in your aisles.  Easily installed beacons transmit actionable offers to shoppers’ mobile devices in the aisle let you connect with shoppers as they move around the store. Only BroadCast Offers connects beacon-based offers with the POS.

Create a dynamic in-store experience.
Today’s shoppers acquire information in multiple ways. BroadCast Offers lets you create campaigns that make shopping your store unlike anything else. Consumers are responding to – relying on – new technology as they shop. We help you deliver on these evolving trends to create an exciting in-store experience.

Shoppers opt-in because they find value.
BroadCast Offers includes an app that includes in-store promotions as well as digital coupons and special brand promotions.

  1. Give your shoppers a compelling reason to download your shopping app.
  2. Create campaign offers that can only be acquired in your store.
  3. Draw more shoppers because they know they’ll find something interesting in your aisles.
  4. Create a new revenue opportunity by making brand offers more compelling.
  5. Generate in-store advertising revenue with every use of the app.
  6. It’s easy to set up and run – we make it simple.
  7. Ready to make shopping a game? Most of your shoppers are, and BroadCast Offers makes it possible.

Let us show you how.

Call 360.671.8882.

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Brand Offers X X
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Geo Fenced Triggered Events and Offers X
Google Wallet X
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