April 14, 2011

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Dale Henley, former CEO of Haggen, Inc. and highly regarded grocer, has joined Accelitec as an advisor of the company.

Henley started in the grocery industry as a youth, working for 10 years in his family’s market in Mount Vernon. He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in economics and accounting. Henley joined the Bellingham accounting firm of Metcalf Hodges as a staff accountant and became managing partner during his 16 years there. Henley also served as executive vice president of Trillium Corp., a regional real-estate developer.

Henley joined Haggen as Vice President of Finance and Planning in 1984 and was promoted to Senior Vice President of Planning and Chief Financial Officer five years later. He became the company’s first non-family member to be appointed President and CEO in 1996. During Henley’s leadership, Haggen built or acquired 17 of the company’s 33 stores.

Henley said his keys to success were “a commitment to excellence, hiring the best people and being dedicated to the truth. Try to always do what you think is right, not what is easy.”

Henley on his advisory role with Accelitec: “the Accelitec solution can actually revolutionize the grocery industry by building a relationship of trust and commitment between customers and grocers. It allows the independent and regional chain grocer to beat the big guys at a game they can’t play.”  He goes on to say “Accelitec has proven that a real trust relationship with a customer is not only emotionally rewarding, but financially rewarding as well; for both parties”.   Mr. Henley serves on several boards and advisory councils in the retail grocery industry and is the past president of Western Association of Food Chains.

Tom Bartz, CEO of Accelitec offers this on Dale: “We are honored to work with Dale Henley again. He has unrivaled credibility throughout the grocery industry, with a career built on innovative thinking, excellent management, and delivering results.”

Accelitec|interact is a Customer Relationship Management software development company located in Bellingham, WA.  They believe that customer engagement is the new battleground in grocery retail.  Accelitec delivers increases in key financial metrics through improved customer engagement. Whether the retailer’s goal is to understand shopper behavior, drive gains in store visits, use trade dollars more efficiently, or all of the above, the Accelitec proprietary software platform provides the tools to get there.


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