Something interesting happened on the way to Fashion Week in New York City; Kmart is now allowing certain participants at this year’s fashion summit to interact and request products from them simply by tweeting. The retailer has equipped a limited number of influencers and bloggers with what they are calling “survival kits”, loaded with an assortment of items to help them get through the week in style. The list includes items such as “lip balm, breath mints and stockings”, and by communicating with the Kmart twitter feed they can get a refill on any of these items almost immediately. This is a novel example of a retailer not only recognizing but leveraging the utility of social media at a major event.

Did other retailers notice what Kmart has done here? This could be a powerful tool for all grocers, small and large, to allow shoppers within their stores to tweet questions, comments, suggestions and ideas directly to the store, enabling real-time give and take between shoppers and retailers. What do you think? If your local grocer or favorite retailer were using a tool like this, would you use it to communicate with them while you shopped?


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