January 26, 2015 – Retailer Owned Food Distributors & Associates (ROFDA), the largest cooperative of independent food wholesalers in the U.S., today announced a long-term partnership with Accelitec, provider of cloud-based digital and mobile marketing solutions to independent grocers, to offer a range of services to ROFDA members.

Accelitec’s cloud-based solutions are tailored to meet the goals and capabilities of the independent grocer sector, from back-end data and reporting services to full POS integration. Focusing exclusively on the independent grocer market since 2008, Accelitec’s services have a track record of improving top line revenue, enhancing shopper engagement, and increasing brand funding.

ROFDA members represent 20% of the supermarket industry and nearly 50,000 suppliers.

“We are driven to help improve the competitive profile of the independent grocer nationwide,” said Tom Bartz, Accelitec’s CEO. “As the national grocery chains ramp up their use of digital marketing tools and shoppers increasingly engage with retailers on digital platforms, we think it’s important for independent grocers to match these developments. We let our customers pick their level of sophistication and get started, whether it’s doing a better job of reporting to the brands or going deep with shopper engagement tools.”

“We are pleased to formalize ROFDA’s relationship with Accelitec and start bringing the next generation of tools to our retailers,” said Francis Cameron, President and CEO of ROFDA. “Our mission is to utilize and leverage all available resources, industry best practices, and business relationships to provide added value to our Independent Retail Grocers. We are small and yet we are large; we want to help our independent retailers do more than hold their own in a very competitive market, and this is an important way we can help them grow their market share.”
Under the relationship Accelitec will work directly with ROFDA members to develop sales and installation programs to help bring meaningful competitive advantages to independent grocers.

For further information please contact:
Peter Gruman, Accelitec, Inc. 360 671 8882 x237

ROFDA (Retailer Owned Food Distributors and Associates Incorporated) is a cooperative established in 1962 to promote and support the retailer-owned distribution segment of the food industry. ROFDA’s thirteen members represent thousands of Independent Grocery Retailers across America. www.rofda.com

About Accelitec
Accelitec connects retailers and suppliers with shoppers, building the largest independent grocery network. Our simple-to-sophisticated software suite enables retailers to deliver digital communications and promotions that improve sales, enhance shopper relationships, and increase brand funding. www.accelitec.com


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