How We Started

Although consumer data has been available for as long as people have been shopping, organization and practical use of this data to accomplish important business objectives is yet to be refined.

Tom Bartz saw this as an opportunity, and started building a comprehensive, low-cost platform letting retailers access and leverage their customer data to drive more revenue.

Teaming up with veteran programmers from Microsoft, the Accelitec team created a proprietary platform – WalletBuilderTM – that integrates into retailers’ legacy loyalty and POS systems to change the customer shopping experience.

Breakthrough Technology

WalletBuilderTM was built as a subscription service instead of an expensive, locally-hosted software program. We know that unlocking the real value of consumer data and to create, deliver and support unique shopping experiences only comes with the hard work of integrating to the Point-of-Sale.

With an engineering background and sustained stints in marketing at Fortune 50 companies, Tom and his team have created a number of breakthrough and singular features which make WalletBuilderTM so powerful, useful and unique.This technology was designed from the beginning with the retailer’s perspective at the forefront, with specific recognition of the opportunities and limitations of existing resources within the retailer’s organization:

  • A patented – and potent – customer management system with marketing tools to connect with consumers, recognize their unique histories and preferences, and deliver the kind of value that will create more revenue and a deeper connection with the retailer.
  • Patent-pending features which let retailers use their own marketing dollars more effectively, use their trade dollars in creative, flexible, and result-oriented ways, and continuously deliver engaging and sustained value to each customer.
  • Proprietary functionality designed in conjunction with and in response to requests by independent retailers. Our technology delivers programs retailers want that differentiate their business and help them make more money.

The most important thing WalletBuilderTM does is support the retailer’s brand and business objectives. We don’t need to see our name anywhere, because we are only successful when our retailer customers are meeting their goals.

Vision and Leadership

After over two years of development, WalletBuilderTM went live in four beta stores in July 2008, and in a matter of weeks gained customer participation numbers for our retail partner that exceeded their annual goal. Our retail partners typically achieve 60% loyalty member acquisition within a matter of weeks.

At Accelitec, we take as much pride in the quality of our code as we do in the quality of our people: we are committed to excellence in all that we do. And because we are integrating to the Point-of-Sale and delivering services in the name of the retailer’s brand, we are intensely focused on the highest level of customer service.

When all is said and done, WalletBuilderTM is intended to increase revenues for retailers. But we also deliver these results in a positive, proactive way that centers on what’s most important for the retailer.

Continuous Innovation

We have a lot of great ideas and are continuously creating new features intended to help our retailers generate more income and create more compelling customer experiences.

We also know that no one has a lock on great ideas. So we are constantly listening to our retail customers to learn about new features or operations that will help create new opportunities, create new efficiencies, or address operational challenges.

To all of us here at Accelitec, being innovative also means responsive to customer feedback and suggestions. Together with our retailer customers, we’re working hard to leverage WalletBuilderTM in ways that create stable, sustained, and value-producing results.