ScanDown Services

Have you ever wanted an automated way to get accurate scan reports and get paid faster?

Now you can.

ScanDown Services increases funding while reducing reconciliation time and improving price perception.  With little turnaround time, you can harness an airtight scan-based solution that lets you accept
scan-based trade funding, quickly track movement, expedite billing and increase sales. Even better ScanDown Services is easy to install and use.

Accurate data makes for great business.
ScanDown Services gives you the tools to administer all the scan-based offers available in the market. You can easily administer and expedite cash flow by billing weekly, rather than monthly. And you don’t need to nag someone to pull a report—it’s all automated with a feed ready for your billing system.

  1. Open the door to scan-based marketing funds
  2. Sell more cases!
  3. More “price reduced” shelf tags at retail means a better price
  4. perception from shoppers
  5. Increase sales with a protected gross profit
  6. Clear and precise reconciliation
  7. Quick and easy to get started with remote installation

ScanDown movement report

  • Automatically pulls scan-data
  • Improves cash flow
  • Save administrative time
  • Imports directly into billing system
  • Builds credibility throughout the vendor community with accurate data

Let us show you how.

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