SinglePoint Offers

Have you ever wanted to create, precisely monitor, and profit from complex brand offers?

Now you can.

SinglePoint Offers. Life just got easier.  Shoppers shop. Cashiers scan. That’s it. No item tracking. No PLUs to apply. Nothing to get  lost or misread. Headaches and confusion are eliminated.

The SinglePoint Network connects retailers to suppliers and shoppers.
And just think, if you work together with other wholesalers you can use the Network to create digital communications and promotions to boost sales, enhance relationships, and increase brand support.

  1. Access incremental Business Development and Market Development Dollars from CPG’s
  2. Maximize Trade Funds leveraging cross promotion of brands
  3. Increase operational efficiencies by reducing Cashier involvement in transactions
  4. Increase customer satisfaction by delivering promotions exactly as advertised
  5. Increase store sales by running multiple, vendor funded promotions at one time
  6. Accurately report case movement and accounts receivables to CPG’s
  7. Maximize case movement across promoted brands by enforcing requirements for reductions

Let us show you how.

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