Our Team


Don Zwade

Chief Operating Officer

Phil McKee

Senior Software Engineer

Amy Iversen

Director of Customer Experience

Board of Directors

Nate Tewalt

Board Member

Jason Nash

Board Member


Josh Vogel

Software Engineer

A self-described “nerd-bro” Josh is just as comfortable in the gym as he is in the comic bookstore. He can usually be found at his desk, surrounded by actions figures, with a pair of drumsticks in his hands, a hobby he’s enjoyed for over 20 years.

Jon Veltkamp

Quality Assurance Lead

Jon enjoys spaghetti, burritos, video games, kayaking, and long walks on the beach. He is also undefeated in company cornhole.

Nathan Lorts

Customer Success Lead

Missouri-native, avid gamer, basketball enthusiast, tech nut, animal lover, and customer success master are a few words to describe Nathan. Loves talking to our customers and hopes to chat with you soon!

Valerie Veltkamp

Executive Admin

Val enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially playing cards and traveling. She loves flowers and enjoys reading, playing piano, baking, gardening and exploring nature.


Chief Barketing Officer

Rigs protects the team from the mailman, and any of the UPS or Fedex trucks that drive by our office. Noisy toys and begging for food are his specialties!